For the second task of the summer project I decided to take the direction of ‘visual diary’ quite literally of how I would have wrote a diary of wrote about my day. This meant I took photos of the main points of my day. I wanted to show the idea of time moving on so I took photos of the times these events occurred. I liked the idea a viewer of my photos could learn a lot about my day that meets the eye. For example I took a photo of my friend wearing sunglasses, so the viewer can see the field we were in reflected in his glasses, so the viewer knows we were in a field. Additionally, it shows that the weather might have been sunny or his eyes are quite sensitive or he does sports that needs certain type of glasses as they look professional. The photos of the different watches and clocks also showed where I was so a lot of the clocks were in cars, which showed I was travelling or some were of my phone which shows I might use it as an alarm as they were shown and the start and end of my day.


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