Dear the future Kat,

I bloody hope you’ve passed the first year! Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed yourself even if you have not passed; at least you have got a huge experience under your belt and either way you need to think hard what you want to do.

No matter what has happened, I hope you have tried new things. You should have explored different types of photography, maybe dabbled in photojournalism or documentary photography, or gone out and done some street photography? I hope you learn techniques that will enable you to improve you photography skills and so improve on what currently is the past you’s preferred kind of photography. I hope Paul Smith has helped you with editing photos, which is what you wanted (or I want).

I truly hope you have built up your confidence just in general but also to be able to approach people for example maybe turn up at a local gig to take photos. Hopefully you have introduced yourself to the music department and fashion department to see if they want a photographer to promote them and with a bit of luck this may have helped their degree as well as their own. This should have improved how you interact with people and just generally meet new people. As even if this hasn’t helped you professionally (which I cannot see how it wouldn’t have) it will have aided you with acceptance of other people which will help you in relationships and friendships which are current for you and those in both of our futures! Additionally, I hope you have built up your confidence about your work, I hope you feel more proud about it especially after you should improved your skills.

I hope you have read more books on photography and gained a bigger appreciation for photography and learned about more photographers, which I expect you to have gained more ideas. If you have gained more ideas hopefully the blue ideas book has come into more use! Hopefully you have read a majority of the books I packed for you, one to keep you occupied (and off the streets!) but also this should assist you in your writing.

Besides the course I hope you have made more friends and just generally had a great time. I hope you feel more confident in talking to people, and feel like you can be yourself around those who you talk to. Like I said earlier the most important thing when you look back you feel like you have enjoyed yourself: quite possibly in this process your liver has had a bit of a bashing. I trust in you that when times are hard and stressful that you will carry onwards in the knowledge that things will get better.

Love from the person that has made you, you,

Kat Korwaser Ullman


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