I found the Summer project brief very vague but that’s what I liked about it. The first part of the task was to read chapter five of the book ‘The Photograph As Contemporary Art’ I decided to read the entirety of the book and I found it very interesting. Even though the chapter was meant to be a starting point to task two I had my own idea to the practical part of task two, the visual diary. My idea was to take the the phrase ‘visual diary’ quite literally. So I took photos of the events that I would have wrote down in a diary. Another part of my idea was to show time so I took photos of the times these events occurred. So for instance I wouldn’t have written down “I got up, had a shower, brushed m teeth…” I took photos of the main points of my day. I liked the idea a viewer of my photos could learn a lot about my day that meets the eye. For example I took a photo of my friend wearing sunglasses, so the viewer can see the field we were in reflected in his glasses, so the viewer knows we were in a field.

I felt my idea worked well, as what I imagined has been reflected in my work. Although I feel nearly fifty images are a bit much. I like some of my photos such as the portraits and the long exposures in the car as I wanted to show that we were moving so I felt long exposures such as four seconds long would be a good enough length of time to show movement but not so the photos is over exposed. I had many attempts of the long exposure some included other cars travelling on the other side of the road and road signs, but I felt the lights became too bright and over powered the photo.

The second half of the second task was titled ‘Direction’. I tried to think of things typical of my friend’s character, so he always has clothes on the floor and he keeps his keys on a hook. So I took the photos that I felt that showed his personality through. I wanted to give a low depth of field in my photos to give this sense of the person fading out. I wish I had found photo that showed the little details on his life, similar to the hair brush but with something specific to him. For example, a major part of his life is his hobby so perhaps I could have incorporated that.

I found the letter to myself fun and easy to write. Because I knew the boundaries of my humour, so I know I did not need to worry as I know the recipient would not be offended. I enjoyed writing the letter as I felt I was setting myself goals so I knew where I want to be in 10 months time. I hope every time one of my goals is achieved I can feel a sense of pride. Perhaps I could have laid the goals more clearly so when skimming over the letter one can clearly see what I wish to do.


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