Open Love and Cheating Fair: 

“One thing about which fish know exactly nothing is water” – Marsh Mcluhan

Which is like contrast theory that if all you could see is red, how would you know what red is?

In the same way those born after 1990s only knew about the digital era, so they would not know any different.

[READ: Fred Ritchin ‘After Photography]

We need to use the internet to help us to make us known: eg social networking sites.

With this you will become a known photographer, this makes your different.

The ways a photographer can become different is

  • Your specialist skill
  • Be connected (your network)
  • Be Trusted (your reputation)

Critical Reflection: 

This is a style of writing in the blog:

Reflection should show how we rethink something and the process of change as a result.

In the blog reflect how you tried to do different things (thought processes), you need to try to different views, things and options. Then, evaluate was the process good or bad? And why do you think that? Why might others think that?

When doing things whether it is taking a photo or reading a book, you need to talk to yourself: Why do I like this? Why don’t I? Describe what you did and give your opinion.

Descriptive Writing: what happened

Descriptive Reflection: consideration of what happened.

Dialogic Reflection: think about yourself and role, alternative explanations of events. Weighing and competing claims and viewpoints and exploring different solutions.

Critical Reflection: dialogic with contextual awareness.

Hatton and Smith.


When reviewing something you need to ask yourself ‘do I like this?’ ‘Why do I like it, or why not?

You need to understand the process of why you think the way you do.

Research: Walter Benjamin – ‘The world of art in the age of mechanical reproduction


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