Task: To produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot readily be portrayed in it’s entirety in one frame.


  • Buildings that cannot fit in one frame such as the Cathedral.
  • 3D shapes
  • 360° angle
  • A relationship or friendship
  • Personalities
  • Something that means something to you
  • A process such as making a meal, or making a friend.
  • Journey

I was told to look at Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work, he is a Japanese photographer who uses a large format camera and long exposures. One of his work with long exposures is a series called Theatres. In this series he went to old cinemas and drive-ins and took a long exposure as the film was playing. This means the surrounding area of the screen is exposed well but the screen area completely over exposed. This is similar to this assignment as it is impossible to take a photo of a film.

Jonathan Shaw is an English photographer, he is interested how time and movement can be portrayed through the medium of photograph. He changes settings in film cameras so the shutter can be opened so a photo can be taken on a continuously. This creates this idea of movement. For example he took a photo for a ballet company so instead of having a still photo of someone dancing he took a continuous shot of someone dancing so when looking at it one can see this movement.

Considering both these photographers work, perhaps to improve my work I could try some long exposures of process.

I tried this technique I think it worked out well:


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