‘You are the apple of my eye’ is a 2011 Taiwanese movie directed and written by Giddens Ko, the film is an autobiographical film about the director and the early years of his life. This originally was a novel which Ko written (before writing films Ko was a novelist). This film would probably best fit the description of a coming of age romantic comedy. I would liken it to the American Pie movies with its curde moments with an underlying romantic plot. This is the second film the Ko has written and directed but the third that he has written. Both these films are described as comedies


The film starts with the main character being told how he might be late for a wedding and that it is rude to leave a bride waiting. He is dressed in a suit he then picks up an apple and takes a bite and smiles at his friend. The film then goes backwards in time to 1994 when the main character and his friends are in high school. In a nutshell this film is about how a girl Chia-Yi Shen helps Ching-Teng Ko (the main character) to achieve better school grades. They then start to like each other and the film follows the progression of their relationship from hating each other to falling in love to falling apart. I found their relationship very relatable which is what made their relationship endearing, especially the section of the film when they are at separate universities.


I enjoyed all the different film techniques for example he used stop motion, panning and aerial shots. However, at times I felt this became too much such as there is a class room scene where the camera cuts between aerial shots of the class room and the person talking. I felt some shots were very beautiful, like they could have been a photograph. For instance when the characters are in the summer between high school and college and they are at the beach and they are all sitting on the wall and the camera is zoomed out to get all the characters in. Because of the way the film starts a viewer feels like they know what is going to happen, the typical boy meets girl they fall in love and get married. The film then catches up with the start and the viewer finds out that the couple who you hope to get married do not. I like this unexpected ending as feels more relatable like the viewer has watched someone’s life without alterations. However, at some points during the film I felt it was too crude even though I felt they were well-done funny scenes so the viewer does not see what they might not want to see, I felt they were a little over the top. However, this film was about a male’s perspective of growing up.


Underneath all this there was this tone of dreams and how one can or cannot achieve them. From the class reading out Martin Luther King’s famous speech ‘I have a dream’, to the characters asking each other where they want to go in life. Or Shen crying because she does not think she will get anywhere in life. This definitely confirmed, for me, this film as being a teenage coming-of-age film.


I enjoyed this film a lot because of it’s believability, it did not feel the story was based on the directors life rather than it was his life.


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