For the first half of the day we learnt how to use the darkroom, although for me it was a refresher. I was paired up with someone who hasn’t used the darkroom before and we made a test strip of one of her negatives.

The test strip me and my partner (who I was teaching to use the darkroom) was: 




We then went to the library to take out one or two books, one with a picture of a good photo and one with an example of a bad photo.We came back and discussed why we believed they were good or bad photographs. It was made clear that people seem to have a similar sense of what kind of photo we thought was good or bad. But also if someone tries to describe a photo it is hard to work out whether you like the photo. This links into our presentations as we need to show photos in them as it would not make much sense.

In the afternoon we talked and discussed about social media sites. A majority of the class use facebook, which I do I have a profile and page to display my work – which is advertised on the side of this blog. The other sites were twitter, tumblr, blogspot and google plus.

We were told to get twitter and google plus accounts, I already have a twitter (@kkuphotography) although I need to join the conversation and hopefully this will broaden my network. I need to get a google plus account. We were told to look at mashable.com for tutorials.

Twitter is an easy to use site. In the search engine you can type what or who you want to find for example you can type ‘city scape’ the list shown shows people with ‘city scape’ in their name. On twitter you can use the hashtag (#) in your tweets. If a person searches something such as #cityscapes this will bring up anything a person has mentioned in their tweets.

We were also told that it is preferable to listen on what is happening on the social media sites so you can join in to get yourself heard.

On google plus one can have a conversation similar to skype and we can use this for tutorials if we cannot make them. http://mashable.com/follow/topics/google-plus/


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