What is a photograph?

The answer to the question will have depend on the situation.

Photos up until now have defined the world around us and the media today.

A photograph is:

  • Bound by the edges of a frame
  • Mirrors the physical world
  • A 2D representation of the world it flattens the 3D space.
  • Fixed in time
  • Useful or a work of art.

Photos can have different meanings such as a mammogram could sell for £1000s but if you brought one home it would mean something completely different.

Describing an image tells us what it denotes.

A connotation of an image is what you feel when you see it – it’s meaning.

So if you saw a picture of a heart. The picture would denote a picture of a heart. The connotation of the picture is love.

As a photographer you should choose what goes in the frame.


If you focus on a particular thing a third in front and two thirds behind will be in focus.



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