Task: tell us a story of a precious object but do not use any words. Take one or a few photos.

I found this task quite hard, as I had nothing precious in general let alone here at university but the nearest thing I had was my photos and my camera. My original idea was to take photos of my photos of my notice board as my memories are very precious but I felt that would be a simple and look very flat and boring. So I thought that I should use my camera but I didn’t want just my camera and I felt that I should have the photos in the background  to show without the camera these photos wouldn’t have happened. I wanted the photos to be in focus to show that they are in the past but also that the camera is precious too so that is ‘centre stage’. I set up the lighting so it was strong and shining on the camera again giving it more importance. I looked up at the camera which gives the idea of high importance.

After having a critique of this work and the points of feedback were:

  • Too distracting background
  • Perhaps place camera more central to the frame
  • Do some thing more interesting like reflect the the images in the lens.

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