What is a portrait?

[Discussed in groups then as a whole]

  • Something that depicts a person/animal
  • An artistic representation of a person or animal
  • Their essence
  • Historically portraits were Identification or surveillance, documents types of people also remembrance of a person

Where are they found?

  • Galleries
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Portfolios
  • Family Albums
  • Forms of identification
  • Adverts
  • Books
  • Bands

Who commissions them?

  • Those who will them eg agent, model, photographers and galleries.

What should it include?

  • The subject
  • At least their essence or representation

What should it exclude?

  • May vary between photographers
  • Depends on assignments

We took photos of another person in the groups

Portrait Photographers:

  • Lavater: felt you could tell a criminal by the facial shape.
  • Irving Penn: black and white images, used particular lighting,lots of famous people
  • August Sander: documented different types of people
  • Diane Arbus: harsh lighting and social outcasts
  • Richard Avedon
  • Mary Ellen Mark
  • Nicholas Nixon: took a photo of his wife and her sisters once every year
  • Steve Pike: series called ‘Philosophers’, took photos of philosophers and got a quote from them.
  • Nick Wapplington: not posed, large format cameras
  • Thomas: Struth: ‘Strangers and Friends’ only day lights and large format cameras
  • Tina Barnley : large format camera
  • Dayanita Singh

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