What Is Fine Art?

Used to be considered sculptures and paintings etc

Photography has only just been accepted as a form of fine art.

Can be defined as: ‘the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects environments or experiences that can be shared with others.’

It seems art has progressed over many years, for example a decorated pot used to be considered as fine art and now perhaps not.

Aboriginal art: is one of the first forms of art. Documents who was where and why.

Jimmy Pike: did a contemporary aboriginal artwork, he used to live in the desert (had a traditional upbringing) he went to prison and met with a prison psychologist who introduced him to art.

Chris Ofili: became a household name after creating a piece of art entitled ‘the virgin mary’ and it didn’t look like the accepted view of the Virgin Mary.

Yinka Shonibare

John Everrett Millais – did a painting called Ophelia in 1851 – about the Shakespeare story of Ophelia . Around this time there was a shift in what e considered art, originally a painter would be commissioned (perhaps of the King) and that photo would be reproduced by the painters assistants and they would be given out to the King’s subjects.

Tom Hunter: Reproduced painting into photography and looked through newspapers (usually from where he lived around Hackney to find stories such as a girl fell into a canal  (like Ophelia) then will take photos at the crime scene. The photo looks like Everett Millais. Also does commissions for Royal Shakespeare Company.

George Shaw: photos around Coventry

Eadeard Muybridge.

Marcell Duchamp

Tracey Emin

Virtual Darkroom:

Kinds of file: RAW files keep the details that looks like they are hidden, for example in the shadows or in the over exposed areas.

We went through dodging, burning, curves, levels, layers and saturation,


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