The lesson was split into two halves, one photography where we brought in our own photographs and edited them and the second half was a graphics piece I decided to start planning a flyer for my photography.

We first looked at some extra editing tips.

  • Spot heeling brush (make the brush bigger use the bracket keys. This clears up blemishes on photos.
  • Filters: they will change how a photo looks.
  • Liquify: pushes pixels around. Sometimes to make a person smaller or larger.
  • History brush: paints in what you un-did. Like you removed a blemish it will bring it back.
  • Layers: original image will be on the bottom and adjustments will be made to the layer you select or adjustment layer
  • Remove something select the object you wish to delete. Then go to select -> modify and you can select a few more pixels around what you selected. Then go to edit -> fill and removes the object.
  • Or move an object do first half of the the editing tool above then content aware ->move
  • Have a different background drag image onto, select the image you want to have a different background for refine edge -> on other layer.

























I removed some blemishes from this shots and darkened some shadows














I removed a label from the scarf and removed a couple of blemishes. Next week I hope to tone down how dark the scarf is.



The graphics half of the lesson I planned out ideas for a flyer. What I wanted in it was:

  • My name
  • email
  • website
  • telephone number
  • some of my photos.

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