This is the question I have to answer for assignment 1.


Harmony: something that feels right.

Conflict: Incompatible

Social Structure: The world around me.

Do I fit in with the world around me?

First of all I thought it would be a good idea to to answer the question verbally to help me decide on the photos that I can take.

I feel like the answer to this question is dependent on many things

  • My mood
  • Where I am
  • What I am doing
  • Who I am with
  • What I look like

For example:

  • If I am in a bad mood I might feel like an odd one out
  • If I am in somewhere new I might not know people there and what they are like
  • Do I feel comfortable in what I am doing? This also depends on my mood so if I was forced to skip around town in a bad mood I would feel uncomfortable but if I was happy and with a friend I might.
  • If I am with a friend they might put me in a good mood to and I would feel in harmony with the world around because they put me in a good mood.
  • If I am wearing clothes that I don’t like I might feel like I don’t fit in.

These all seem to link back to my mood, which i find interesting.

Parts of me that stay the same that could influence whether I feel I fit into the world I live in.

  • What I look like eg face
  • My personality

When I don’t think I fit in:

  • My music – my music isn’t a usual style
  • My height – sometimes I feel like I am too tall
  • My looks – I feel like people are more pretty than me.
  • My clothes – I don’t have an ‘on trend’ style.

What makes me feel like I fit in:

  • When I am happy
  • With friends
  • When i feel I look good

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