To start the day off we started with a mini project to go out and take photos in the style of Power’s series of the Black Country in Birmingham. These are my two favourite shots from the day.

We then had our talk from Mark Power:

  • From Leicester
  • Studied Painting at university 1978-81
  • Went travelling and took photos and this got him into photography

He talked about a few of his projects and parts of his career until now.

Series: The Children’s Society Photographs – in Brighton

in 1989 he stopped photographing as he wasn’t getting money for it but someone he knew gave him £200 to photograph anything, anywhere. As he was following the news in Berlin and heard it might be knocked down he went to photograph it, these photos became famous and the photos were sold to the highest bidder which was the Daily Mail. This set his career and photography passion again.

He always listened to the sea forecast so he went to the places on the map in the UK they forecast about and took photos between 1993-6 this was entitled the shipping forecast.

He stopped working for the media as he felt it was too constricting and around the same time he starting working for Brighton University in their new course ‘Editorial Photography’

He took photos of the areas just off the A-Z London map. He tried to not get people in the photoed almost to imply no one goes there.

He followed the build of the millennium dome after repeatedly asking the government, he was paid to take photos of what he felt was fitting. – Superstructure. turned into a book: Superstructure by Mark Power.

From this someone suggested he took photos of the refurbishment of the Treasury Building this was entitled The Treasury Project and is also a book.

He photographed the build of the largest passenger place A380.

In 2002 he became a member of Magnum.

Sound of Two Songs:

Magnum commission 10 photographers to go to the 10 countries that wanted to join the European Union. Power wanted to go to Poland . He then continued this project without the commission from Magnum. He tried to make references to the history specifically the Holocaust without photos in concentration camps. He wanted to contrast the photos he saw previously of Poland with blue skies etc.

Destroying the Laboratory for the Sake of the Experiment 2007-10 he went around England with a friend and would stay in cities for around 5 days and would try to get to know the place and took photos.

The Black Country Series he looked at run down places and the recession. He looked at how people tried to make an effort, looked at makeup, nails, hair and tanning salons and did videos of the work done there. Seems to be recession proof.


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