Presentation Skills:


  • Apple’s version of of PowerPoint.
  •  You can transfer between PowerPoint and Keynote
  • You can choose between themes and background colour
  • Can change the resolution to suit the computer and projector.
  • Keynote is easier to embed videos or hyperlink a video.
  • Remember: images will be masked, all you need to do is unmask them by clicking unmask in the tool bar.
  • To duplicate a slide right click -> duplicate.


  • Online
  • You can share between a group
  • Can bring in PowerPoint files & slides.
  • Variety of themes & colours
  • Can embed youtube videos easily
  • When making a title – you can’t go back
  • Left click in a blank area and move around through the presentation
  • + to zoom in – to zoom out
  • Frames are similar to slides
  • Frames can give you more freedom for example you can make a collective slide and different shapes.
  • Home icon: show all your slides
  • Zebra tool: zooms in and out and rotates.

In The Library Help:

In assignment two:

  • Don’t use too much text
  • Include key points
  • Reference & paraphrase quotes

Harvard Reference: Author (date), chapter, essay page.

In the Library session we were told how to find books, articles, and DVDs, this I have already used. Just need to use Locate.

In the presentation:

As I have done so much I went over the allotted two minutes. But besides that it was fine and I need to read through a book I have already read just to remind myself of the content which will help.


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