Correcting Colour Cast:

There are many ways to do this:


  • Add an adjustment layer
  • You can click ‘auto’ but this might not have the desired effect.
  • Click on the individual colours (green, blue or red)
  • And find out where there are no pixels and adjust

Colour Balance:

  • New adjustment layer -> colour balacne
  • Go to the colour there is less of.
  • And adjust


  • Image -> adjustments -> variables
  • Similar to the colour balance
  • Shows the thumb nails of would happen in the extreme of clicking on it.

Photo Filters

Filters -> lens correction

Preselected filters


Brush tool:

You can change the size, opacity, size, type, continuity, pencil is similar.

Type Tool:

Change the: font, colour, size, sharpness and whether it is bold etc.


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