Carolyn Lefley’s Work


  • BA fine art 1997-2000 at Coventry University
  • Robert Rauschberg was a big influence
  • Interested in reality and the world around her.
  • Took photos of the world around to paint on.
  • She stopped paintings and just took photos
  • She didn’t have much technical skill.
  • Empty Homes was her first series took photos of houses in between being bought and sold. She looked at traces of people being there. Took photos of certain parts of the houses as polaroids.
  • She worked for numerous photographers
  • Series Viewpoints – took photos of telescopes on beaches – tried to take it like she was on a fashion shoot and pretended the telescopes were people
  • Series Watcher – had televisions point of view only used the light from the television – the title of each photo was the people’s house the photo was taken in.
  • In 2005 she did her MA in photography and continued to look at domestic photography and why she liked taking these photos.
  • Series called ‘Home’ where she looked at the home she grew up in but wanted to show a familiar setting as unfamiliar so she did it at night. This was shortlisted for a competition
  • Series: Semi Detached, 2006 she believes that people’s identity is formed by how one is brought up. She liked how semi detached houses would be mirrored by the neighbour but the decor would be different.
  • Belonging was her final MA project she used dolls houses but wanted it to look ambiguous as to whether it was a real house and lighting. This was exhibited in the House Gallery and in a magazine.
  • Then she looked at the use of scale so took photos of a dolls house within a normal house. She tried to use clue so a small dolls house piece of furniture in the foreground and a larger or normal household object in the background through the window.
  • Troika Editions represents here.
  • Quotidian Snapshots – took a photo everyday between 1st January 2007 – 31st December 2008
  • Realm this is a project she started in 2009 and this has been a continuous project until the present although she hopes to finish it before the end of 2012. She would superimpose images together she took a photo of a derlict building and one of a forest so it looks like you could step into another ‘realm’. She has written a blog about it http://www.timespan.org.uk/arts/artists-in-residence-2/carolyn-lefley-2012/ She also took instagram photos of what she saw on her travels.
  • Wilderness created a mini forest (artistically not with actual trees), she studied creation stories and depicted the Bible’s version using the forest and mini figure of people.


In this lecure it was about

  • Preparing material for publications by condensing
  • Choosing material for a coherent whole
  • Editing things out – removing unnecessary material.
  • Selecting material
  • Condensing
  • Organising the piece

To edit is dependent on where the prints are going

  • Exhibition
  • Photobook
  • Portfolio
  • Magazine
  • Photojournalism
  • Online website/blog/slideshow

Depends on the type of photography project

  • Sequential – will only make sense in a certain order – edit into shorter sequences eg diptych/triptych
  • Series – can create a narrative or compliments each other or formal aspects of a photos.

How to begin:

Contact prints of all work shot to date

Small Prints spread out.

Contact sheets can show a process behind an image – shows a story.

We then looked at Jullian Germain’s project called ‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness’ 2005 we had to order the photos in an order we felt fit, after a debate my group came up with 

The actual order was 




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