Creating Photo Collages, Using the Pen Tool and New Things In CS6.

What Is New To Photoshop CS6:

Camera Raw

  • Has been Improved
  • More Control in curves
  • More easy to cross process.


  • Can change paragraph tools in text
  • Can change type easily and character styles


  • Change colour of selected areas
  • Keeps track of colours you have
  • Easily create a custom shape and line around it
  • Command E selects all shapes.


  • Can easily create a tilt shift blur
  • Where it is blurred and how much
  • Set down multiple pins to create something around the subject blurred


  • When cropping an image one can move the cropped shape can select an aspect ratio after making the cropped shape.
  • Can have different views eg a rule of thirds.


  • When creating a video you can move your layers around into a sequence
  • Can change sequence
  • Change how long a clip is
  • Clip colour, mute colour can change something on half and clip and have of the others
  • Transitions can be made.
  • Change size of a still over a clip

Photo Montage/Collage


  • New Document
  • Specify details eg resolution and pixels

To divide image and frame

  • Use guide
  • Specify guide eg if your document is 800pixels x 800 pixels then it could be 20 pixels in then 780 the other side.
  • Select the shape you wish eg rectangle specify the size (pixels)
  • Use a locked shape if you want photos the same size.
  • Drag where you want it (they will snap against the guides)
  • Add a solid colour adjustment layer tab times by how many photos you want
  • File -> Place -> find your image
  • If the image is bigger than the shape get one of the edges to match up to the shape
  • Create a clipping group, hold ALT and click the line between the image and the shape (assuming in the layers section they are)  times by how many photos you are displaying
  • To change the background colour click adjustment options -> solid colour -> then the colour

Pen Tool:

To click once creates a point

Click elsewhere and this creates a line between the two.

To create a closed shape click three or more points then click the first one you put down – you can fill a colour inside.

Click and shift creates a perfect rectangle.

Clicking and dragging will create a line coming from a point – a more gentle curve pull downwards.

Click drag and ALT is right angles

Hover over a point and see a minus sign will delete the point

Hover over a line and see a plus sign this adds a point.

To create a cloud

  • Select a fill colour
  • Click a point and drag it and then another.
  • Hold the ALT key – changes the convert anchor tool allowing to break the handle and get another curve moving upwards. And so on.
  • Selection tool – allows us to tweek.
  • Converter anchor tool – select a point and drag one way and it will twist the other.

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