I wanted this assignment to be similar to a photo essay so it tells a story. The story I am aiming to show is over a course of a night. I aimed to show a person having a nightmare which could cause insomnia.

I wanted the first image to be broad to set the scene to a used a pinhole photo of the view outside my  window at night to signify it’s nighttime.

Then I wanted to focus on what the project was about so I showed an exposure of me over a course of a night, to show it was around the idea of sleeping.

Then I went straight into the dream, which I set the scene of with the empty tunnel. Then I narrowed in again so I had the figure in the centre.  I was trying to create an eery atmosphere.

Then I wanted to show it was a nightmare so I used the photos of me in bed. I then try to show that when I shut my eyes again the dream comes back with the two other images.

I then wanted to close the sequence by zooming out again so you see me in bed, the light room then the view outside but this time it’s light outside showing it’s all over and it’s daytime.


5 thoughts on “Final Ten Images For Assignment One

  1. These are amazing, very surreal which portrays the dream state really well!
    For some reason wordpress won’t load them full-size though, I wonder if that’s the same with everyone or just me?

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