My idea for assignment one is based around the idea of sleep, two of the photos are long exposures of me sleeping. After taking these photos I found  Karen Stuke and her series called ‘Sleeping Sister’ which is of her sister sleeping in different countries around the world.

The effect that Stuke got, of everything still except the sister moving in her sleep is exactly what I wanted to have. Especially as I have been told I move a lot in my sleep. I wanted to show the process of me over a night. (I tried to challenge myself from an earlier blog post Task A “Greater Than A Whole” ) Stuke used a camera obscura which is similar to a pinhole, which is what I originally used for the long exposures but I thought I should try using the fisheye lens as if it did work it would look like the viewer is looking through the peephole of a door into my room and so into my life. I used light from the window so I left a crack open in my curtains so as the sun was rising (my room is south facing) the light would stream through the curtains, luckily this didn’t wake me up so the effect worked.


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