When I first started the project I wanted to do long exposures of the view out of my window. But I thought it would be too dull so I thought long exposures of the world around me but because of the camera I wanted to use (the Diana) the exposures will be over a few hours long and so wouldn’t be practical. I wanted to use the Diana to have a dreamy effect which would coincide with the idea of dreams and insomnia.

I then thought I should move to the rest of my room so looking at my bed and because the exposures were so long I thought I should try to do a long exposure of me sleeping, so I left a slight crack in my curtain to let light in. I knew I couldn’t do this with other cameras or my digital one for because with my Diana camera I can hold the shutter down without physically doing it. Also because the aperture of the pinhole in the Diana is  so small (f-stop 150) it needs a lot of light so I thought I could get away with doing a night exposure (and I did). I worked out exposures for my photos using a light meter and using the website Mr Pinhole.

I then looked a long exposures of myself to see what would happen when I lie in bed or sit on it for a long period of time and move during the time the shutter was open. Although the effect I would have preferred came from the Mamiya 7 where you can see where the parts of the body has been during the time the shutter was open.


I have also wanted to explore mental health in my work, this is the second time I have looked at. However, this is in more of a creative way. This is something I hope to work with in the future. I would love to do in the future, perhaps with a fashion edge. This will only improve my credentials.


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