I struggle a lot with my writing especially when I need to explain myself or a point I am trying to make. So, I was particuarly worried about writing reviews. After to speaking to my module leader, Jonathan Worth, he said the method I need to go through is:

  • My opinion: I like, I dislike, I thought this was good
  • Explain why I feel: because…
  • Someone else’s opinion: x felt the same, x disagreed with me.

Jonathan suggested I do it on my favourite photographer, Gillian Wearing.

I like Gillian Wearing’s work, she is my favourite photographer, because the work she does is something I am interested in. Wearing does a lot of work surrounding identity for example ‘Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say And Not Signs That Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say’ is one of her famous series. She asked strangers on the street to write on a board anything they want to. With Wearing’s series ‘Signs’ I like that you see a sneak preview into someone’s thoughts and their lives. I like the idea of interacting with those who on any other day you would pass in the street, like getting people out of their own bubble and just talk to others.

Many are divided by Wearing’s work, some do not understand her message whereas others can appreciate what she is trying to say. Laura Cumming a writer for the Observer states she doubts whether you can find emotional and aesthetic sides to Wearings work. I agree, to a degree that one may not see an immediate aesthetic side of Wearing’s work but definetely an emotional one. But Cumming does say these works make an audience think, about our consciousness and morality. This is something I definitely agree with.


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