For assignment 2 we have been asked to create a 3-5 minute ‘photo-fim’ on one of the following subjects:

  • A successful small business
  • Personal hobbies – the need for a balanced work life balance
  • An inspirational person
  • A personal obsession

My idea is around personal hobbies. A friend of mine shoots both animals (birds and rabbits) but also clay pigeons. When people find out about his hobby people act very differently and believe it is something worse than it is. I wanted to show it is not as bad as people make out and hopefully allow people to change their perceptions.

I was inspired by a video we saw when we watched after we got our brief, the video was edited, filmed and prepared by someone who went to Coventry University, this was on scallop fishing. Unfortunately I can’t post it as he has to make the video private on Vimeo as the people in it don’t want it to be public. But I liked the balance between interviews and the shots of what the fishing entails meant that I understood more about scallop fishing.


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