I found this video on youtube about the facts of shooting for sport. I like how it is filled with many facts and has a running interview over the top of clips of people shooting and the different types. I want to do something fairly similar, so I have clips and single images to show with my friend speaking over the top of the video but also to have clips of the interview itself. I also would prefer to make the video lean towards ‘a day in the life of’ than just facts, so not only would my friend describe the different kinds of shoots he would say what he prefers and what he does.

I watch a lot of documentaries on 4OD, the style of documentaries is similar to how I would like to do with my video. For example Jaws: The Great White Myth, even though i is around fifteen times the length of the video I am making, I like the mixture of found footage from photographers and the film Jaws along with interviews and actual footage of sharks being filmed. I like the different types of shots like close ups of sharks and then wide shots of the shark swimming in clear blue oceans. In the same way I would take close up shots of the gun, for example, and the a wider shot of him actually shooting a bird.

I also liked their documentary called ‘Lifers’ about people who had been sentenced to jail for life. I liked the personal accounts, so what they did, how they feel now, what they are doing now and in some cases hopes for the future. For me I will talk to my friend about what he likes to shoot, where he shoots what he’d like to do in the future, for instance get a better gun. I like how they had the interview running over the top of clips of what they do in prison.

I found a video on Youtube called ‘UK Gun Law’ I liked how informative the video is, he goes through the different kinds of guns, the application process and compares it to the USA gun laws. However, because it is only him talking and there are no other clips or photos of licenses or the applications. I hope to be informative but also keep the viewer interested with other clips and photos than just the interview.

Guns In The Sun is a video created by the Youtube Channel Vice, it was created very recently in January 2013. They look at gun laws in USA. I like the mixture of facts, interviews and clips. However, I don’t like the impression it gives of the US as I am hoping to change opinions from the bad to the good and because gun laws are different in the USA it continues this idea that guns are bad.

Gun Crazy USA is a response to Guns In The Sun by Vice, I like how in depth they go and they show clips of the other video  but all they do is discuss the video by Vice which is not at all what I want to do.

I watched Bowling For Columbine which was directed and written by Michael Moore the film looks at American gun culture. I found it very compelling but also shocking at part, but this is only one side of the argument, I looked at a review on IMDb who said they did research into some of the stories Moore shows in his videos and it seems that a lot of editing and missing out facts were put into the film. This is something I know I will have to do in such a small film that I am creating but I hope to cover both sides of the story. My friend is covering both negatives and positives in the video. Also my video will differ to Moore’s as I am focussing on one person not gun crime and it’s effects.

I found a video from the BASC (The British Association for Shooting & Conservation) called Pigeon Shooting – An introduction. I like how the whole video was set in the same field so you saw “a day in the life of a shooter’. I like the different shots that were in the video such as seeing pigeons in the trees or looking at the field and focusing on the flowers to going out of focus and focusing on him. If I had more time to have to create the video and if the length of the video was longer I would try to do something similar to this video. Although in my video I hope to contextualise it to my friend more so using found media of him as well as trying to make viewers understand more about guns and their use.

Guns, Culture and Crime in the US, is a 25 minute documentary I watched, again this is a video set in the US so the laws are different. It talks about gun law in the UK and interviews many people such as those at gun shows, a family affected by a shooting in a school and a constitutional law professor. If I had more time this would be something I would consider, that I would interview more people about their experience or opinions on guns. However, the tone of this video seems quite negative because of the crime rate in the US, whereas I am trying to change this. I like the us of found imagery and film to enhance what is being said in the video such as photos of people crying after school shootings. Although the documentary is arrange in a similar way to a news clip as there is someone who introduces the documentary with him interviewing along with other interviews, I would rather have my information contextualised to one person (my friend).

Articles and Essays

I looked at an essay by Paul Kennard posing the question ‘Is Game Shooting Acceptable in Modern Britain?’ His essay is how I want to do part of my video, that my friend will pose arguments against shooting but will suggest a positive over it.

Gamebirds die in an unnatural and incredibly painful way:

Gamebirds, on nearly all counts, are given a free life, in which they are free to mate, eat, fly, and wander over the earth wherever they may please.

This is also something my friend says in the video. I looked at the other essays Kennnard has written and he does not seem to have an extremist view on guns in the UK which makes me feel like he is not trying pose his argument in an off putting way, like Michael Moore in his video Bowling for Columbine.

Another article I looked at was ‘A Sporting Chance: a look at the ethics of game shooting’ This article looks in depth at a point my friend makes in the video. I like how the article is written as it is trying to change perceptions of shooting, similarly to what I am trying to do, for example he says “Amongst us were three teenage lads on their half-term holiday,  boys who would otherwise probably have been sat indoors playing xbox or on facebook.” I liked how the article was contextualised to his personal experiences.

I wanted to know the reason why shooters wear what they wear on the shoots, my friend told me in was more fashion than safety, like a horse rider wears a helmet but it’s more like a basketball player, there isn’t a specific reason why they wear an oversized vest and baggy shorts it’s just developed that way. I did a little bit of research and found this article but this is only on shooting ranges, which isn’t really similar to what my friend does as he shoots in the countryside over going to a shooting range. As you can see there are huge differences between a field and a shooting range which means you won’t need to wear the same thing. For example it is not necessary to wear eye protectors in the countryside as items aren’t flying off the gun. Although, when I started thinking about it the colours that my friend wears are greens and browns which are colours you will see in the countryside, so perhaps part of the reason they wear these certain clothes is camouflage.


Zed Nelson is an English documentary photographer, one of his projects is called ‘Gun Nation’ This explores America’s obsession with guns, he put it into a book. Some are very sinister portraits such as a father and baby with the father holding the gun very close to the baby. Or a couple smiling at each other with the lady holding a gun. Other images include gun shops, guns or injuries. Like I have said earlier America differs to England when it comes to guns because the main legal shootings that happens in the UK is what my friend does, game shooting and clay pigeon shooting. As much as I think the images are really nice they don’t have much similarities to the work I am doing.

Matt Slaby looked at America’s gun culture, he looks at a huge array of contributing factors to their obsession, from toy guns, movies, paint balling, and different kinds of shooting. I like the work although how it is presented on his website looks like a contact sheet with lots of the same images but with slightly different lighting, posing or angles. For me this doesn’t give as big as an impact as I saw on the times website where they had only chosen a select number of images.


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