I want to create some prompts and questions for the interview side of the video I would like to create. Even though I am not planning to have my voice in the video, these are the things I am planning to have in the video.

  • What got you into shooting?
  • What types of shooting are there, what do you do?
  • What do you do with the animals?
  • What kinds of guns are there, what do you own – what are they used for?
  • What do you believe the pros are of shooting?
  • Do you see any negative sides?
  • What do you enjoy about shooting?
  • What clothes do you wear, do you know why you where them?


I prepare a loose script for my friend for the interview:

I got into shooting when my dad bought an air rifle home one day and I practiced at a family friend’s farm. I found I was quite good at it and enjoyed it. I was then given an air rifle. A few years later when I was 15 I got a shotgun  and shotgun certificate.

There are different kinds of shooting which you need different guns for the main kinds of gun are air rifles, rifles and shotguns. Shotguns are for moving targets such as rabbits and birds because several ball-bearings shoot out this has created sports such as clay pigeon shooting and game shooting, which I am particularly interested in. Game shooting can be done in groups where they may shoot birds such as pheasant, partridge and duck but usually there is a specific season for it. Whereas rifles are for shooting something far away as there is only one projectile, so it does spray out.

The animals are never wasted; we don’t just shoot them and throw them away. Smaller shoots, like the one I go to, we might share out the birds and eat them or if I am shooting on my own I will prepare and eat them myself. On bigger shoots where hundreds of birds maybe shot the birds maybe sent off to a games dealer where these are sold to the general public.

Many people do consider shooting as cruel but we do feed the birds and the bird can go anywhere it wants, but they are looked after and the bird chooses to stay, and the birds are not wasted. Really you can’t get much more free range than the birds we shoot, they are not cooped up and have the option to fly wherever they want, this gives them, in my opinion, a better quality not only of life but taste.

Shooting creates jobs, such as; gun suppliers, those who go through firearms and shotgun licenses, games dealer. But it is also a way to get into the countryside, see the scenery, it relaxes me, which keeps me happy, this is the same for other.

For me, shooting is my hobby and just like basketball or dancing keeps some people happy shooting keeps me happy. It is also a way to meet people; I have made friends through shoots.

I feel the most negative side to shooting is people’s perceptions, especially because of mass murders, films or games such as Call of Duty, people think you can be potentially a threat. But due to gun laws in this country it is hard for someone who wants to harm themselves or others to get a gun


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