I have used the Cannon 5D in my own time so I already felt I had a good practice with it but it was good to have a refresher.

In the seminar session we discuss the books we had read.

John Tagg -> believed that photography is truth/fact that it documented things such as historical events or the mentally ill, so we could learn things. This was against Barthes who says photography is a more emotional response (something you cannot explain)

Levi Strauss: Documentary Debate: Aesthetic or Anaesthetic? Strauss Questioned whether as photo does what it is suppose to if it is beautiful – can we take it seriously?  Or do we get lost in the beauty? 

Photography’s Other Histories: makes a link between beign in a situation and not. The author belongs to a culture of which people have taken photos of. They mean something to her as she can explain what is going on so for us who doesn’t know that culture there is more than meets the eye. Do you understand what you are taking a photo of?

Levi Strauss: Talked about Salgado’s photographs, Salgado observed the people before taking their photograph, he absorbed himself in their world, for Struass the images are ‘sacred’.


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