Camera-less photography is exactly that a photo that hasn’t been taken by the creator. There are many kinds:

Photograms: created in the darkroom by putting a sheet of paper under a light putting objects on the paper creating silhouettes

  • Man Ray – considered the founder of photograms he called the Rayograms
  • Joy Gregory – ‘From the language of flowers’ used flowers to describe emotions.
  • Garry Fabian Miller – Created interesting and very clean photograms
  • Floris Neususs – Created huge prints with people as the subject. So parts of the body touching the paper are in focus yet things further away such as shoulders or heads are less in focus.
  • Susan Derges : Created photograms outside of the darkroom using moonlight and she put the paper under the water.

Found Images and Collage

  • John Stezaker – Uses found images in books and magazines of people, objects and places and pairs them up together to create new images. 

Digital Media:

  • Pavel Maria Smejkal – Also uses found images to create new ideas. For example ‘Fatescapes’ found iconic images of historical events such as wars and then taken a photo in the same place to see if the image still has the same impact. Or ‘Stars’ where he has superimposed faces of celebrities in holocaust images.
  • Mishka Henner – ‘Less Americans’ he looked at The Americans by Robert Frank, he took out all the people from the photos to pose to the view how much of something we can take out. To further this in the description he has taken out  certain letters.
  • Doug Rickard‘The New American Picture’ is a series of images where he has taken images from google street view around America.
  • Thompson and Craighead – describe themselves as artists who create installations with different themes. Some of their recent installations have a theme of networks  Much of their recent work looks at live networks and how they change the world around us. Such as ‘Belief’ which looks at information found on the internet. This is a physical installation with two screens of people talking about belief which is found on the internet.
  • 9-eyes – has done something similar to Doug Rickard by taking images from Google street view but he has found interesting and funny photos and published them on his blog.



  • Create and aesthetically pleasing photogram 
  • Make a collage about yourself using found images.
  • Using photoshop and google street view make a digital A4 poster of your journey to university, using three points of interest.

I have chosen to create an aesthetically pleasing photogram and an A4 poster of my journey to university.

This is my photogram:


My journey to university:

a4 journey


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