Adobe Premier Pro:

Helpful tip: Keep organised between projects – keep all media for each project in separate folders.

For a new project:

  • Open up Adobe Premier Pro 
  • New Project
  • Location -> folder of media you are using
  • Click on digital SLR -> 1080p and choose the frames per second you used. (usually 25)
  • Usually you would be working in the workspace ‘Editing’
  • File -> import -> find the folder/files you are using
  • Movie files need to have the same frame rate.
  • If you have clicked on the wrong frame rare (file -> new)
  • The movies you want to use will come into the bottom left window (dependent on workspace)
  • Double click on the movie/clip you wish to edit.
  • Left and right arrow keys move between each frame
  • J and L keys speed through the video forward (L) and backward (J) double click on the keys to speed up even further.
  • I button marks in where you want to start clip (when taking out a part of a clip to form your video)
  • O button marks out

There are two types of edits:

  • Over right – take out a clip and put it over the top of another to remove that segment (drag and drop)
  • Insert to insert and not remove anything else (click and cmd key)

There are two ways of deleting a clip:

  • Lift delete – leaves a gap between clips (back space)
  • Ripple delete – removes the clip and the gap (alt and backspace)

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