The Woodsman and The Rain is a Japanese film about a woodsman (lumberjack) who finds he is staring and helping out in a Zombie movie. His taking part encourages other people in the surrounding area to join in too. In some ways it is quite a sweet film especially at the end when the Woodsman’s relationship with his son improves after his son moving out. Also the final day of filming when the rain stops for just enough times to shoot the final scene. Besides these two scenes I did not enjoy the film, I did not see much point to the film as I did not feel much emotion towards anyone and I didn’t feel there was any message, and for me that’s what I like in a film. I felt scenes were dragged out unnecessarily especially if there is no dialog or action or if there is repetitive action. For example the opening sequence of the woodsman chopping down a tree, the viewer sees the man go through all the actions of chopping down this tree but personally I found it unnecessarily long with repeated actions. I felt the scene was almost informing me on how to chop down a tree.


I felt the story was too basic which meant the story could not go anywhere I felt I was stuck watching a movie within a movie. Perhaps this is why scenes were lengthened as there was not much other content. Twitch film, a film review website, seems to agree with me, that the two hour long movie was “rambling, discursive quality and episodic structure that may seem to be too lengthy”. This is true two hours did seem too long to tell a simple story of a man helping out on a movie set. Even then I felt the story was not put across, for instance the only way I knew that the local people became involved into the movie was reading a synopsis online. This part of the story, personally, was not put across well enough. The film is described as a comedy I didn’t find myself laughing as jokes were drawn out for too long. However, one person on IMDb reviewed the film and felt there were a “good number of jokes” of which they found “a lot of them funny”, perhaps this is differing senses of humor but I don’t recall when watching the film that many of the audience members laughing.


I really enjoy East Asian films, so I am disappointed I have not enjoyed this one.


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