Source Magazine:

The talk was given to us by John Duncan, the editor, he studied photography.

  • The magazine is based in Northern Ireland, similar to Aperture Magazine.
  • Up until 1995 the magazine was in black and white.
  • Each issue has three portfolios of individuals
  • Duncan suggested when we graduate it’s the kind of magazine we should submit our work to. There is a graduate section on their website.
  • In 2000 the format of the magazine changed
  • They used to have someone who decodes advertising – Judith Williamson.

Photobooks: Kate Nolan and Paul Gaffney

  • Neither has been a three year project
  • Based Kaliningrad – between Poland and Lithuania.
  • Stayed with young women there – who told her about the place (audio recordings).
  • She made six visits each around a month long.
  • Preferred not to use a translator – lost emotion and it was a translation so it might be slightly interpreted.
  • The project was on film
  • She didn’t go with a specific visual strategy
  • There is little knowledge of the place this is why she asked the women
  • She exhibited the work and didn’t like it
  • Looked at a Dutch graphic designer –who does physical books – very tactiel
  • Met with him after sending a PDF of her work.
  • She didn’t want to give him guidelines or rules – she just wanted to show the emotion.
  • Didn’t want to misrepresent
  • Collected diary entries from the women
  • Gave him the images she wanted to use they did a yes, no and maybe pile to work out what actually went in.
  • First type: horizontal cover with vertical pages used strips of text but the portraits had no text.
  • Then it changed to a square book and pages
  • The front was a quote from a diary entry.
  • The back of the booklet of the text they sent her
  • Didn’t want an introduction as she felt it wasn’t needed
  • She got photos of the grandparents from around World War II

She said when going to the printers you will be sent:

  1. All pages, proper paper and size but no images
  2. Only photos.

She decided to be self published so she could have control and she didn’t like the cost.

The text in the middle describes a story of a girl leaving a nightclub and meeting a guy, it describes her thoughts, Nolan felt it is simple and something people can relate to.

The whole thing is self funded but still she only wants the book to be a reasonable price of £7/8.

She is considering an E-book.


Paul Gaffney:

  • Studied at Belfast University 
  • Project called ‘Path We are Walking’
  • He walked around South of France, Portugal and Spain, he would walk 30-40 km a day
  • He tried to capture this idea of walking is a way of relaxing even a form of mediation
  • He looked at details of the photo before he took it
  • He didn’t want to say where any of the photos were taken
  • He used a digital camera – canon 5D mark II, 35mm lens
  • Edited the images down using small printed out images.
  • He had 43 final images
  • He wanted something that naturally flows.
  • He was drawn to the idea of using a small book
  • He didn’t want to use a landscape book and didn’t like books that lost part of the images in the gutter
  • Wanted the book to be accessible
  • He barely edited the photos – tried to keep the photos natural

“If someone is looking at the design rather than the images you’re doing something wrong”

He suggests when creating a book you should think of:

  • Paper
  • Design
  • Font
  • Where image goes on the page

Always experiment!

He didn’t want to lose money when making the nook


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