Victor Sloan is a Northern Irish photographer and artist situated in the South East of Northern Ireland in a town called Portadown. He studied art at university. A lot of his work reflects political and social parts of Northern Ireland for example the troubles. Besides photography he uses video, the process of etching and screen printing.

His work has been exhibited all over the world in both private and public exhibitions.

One image he took at Belfast Zoo is of a monkey, even though he was there with his children he felt the photo showed the monkey’s sadness. This reflects Sloan’s work as he was quoted in saying “Someone said that you can tell a lot about a society by the state of its zoo.” After that he tried to create this idea of isolation in his photographs with the monkeys behind dirty glass as the flash bounces off it.

One series he did called ‘Incident’ he took the photos on 35mm camera, he then drew on the negatives and the print and also toned the print. I really like the effect especially  how he has drawn around the subject like in this print.


His responses to conflict seems to be the aftermath or consequences of conflict in one series Explosion  he looks at what happens after IRA exploded a bomb in a Irish town where Sloan lived. And also he looked at the consequences of conflict around where he lived in the project Portadown/Drumcree.


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