I am very happy with the way the photos turned out especially because the way the photos have hints in them that they were taken in the UK. This was something I worried about because I didn’t want for people to look at the photos and think that they could have just been taken in the USA and claimed to be taken in the UK. I am also happy with how the digital layer has worked that you can see that the places I have been to are similar in the USA which sparks the question whether we are a mini America. However, I felt my idea would have worked better if I did a physical book and due to money restraints I couldn’t make the book with the size and paper quality I wanted as I wanted a big 13×11 inch book with really glossy paper as the USA is quite big and quite over-the-top. I would have also do it through Blurb so it can be bought by anyone  and would be mass-produced the same way that the American culture is all over the UK. This why I have done a mock up instead to show how I would ideally create my book.

I think if I had the money and time I would have gone to the USA and took photos of the things I consider American but also to see if I could find anything that was British to see the contrast if they are overrun with British culture or if they have very little British things. If I were to do the project again I might have looked at America as a continent rather than just the USA, I think that would have been very interesting to look at. If I did create a physical book I would have made one or two other books along side it. One would have been an insert looking at British companies that are run by American companies such as Cadbury’s or Innocent. The other book would have been an Instagram book of the images I took on my trips to London and when I went to visit places instead of having a QR code as a link to my Instagram page.


This project took me out of my comfort zone because I am not used to documentary photography. However, it is something I am interested in. This can only aid me when wanting to do more in photography. It is also something that I can improve upon. I would like to mix this experience with my interests in gig and portrait photography and document a band or document a person or a group of people.


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