I am really pleased with my assignment two video, I felt I achieved what I set out to do, I wanted it to be informative as well as contextualised to my friend, who I interviewed. Those who have seen the video have said it is really informative and the clips and images go well with what he is saying, something I also wanted to do. I wish the video was allowed to be longer because I feel like I could have gone into more depth than I did, something I would have done is intrviewd others who shoot like those you see at the start of the video or more informaton about getting a shotgun to prove not just anyone can get a shotgun or rifle. I might have gone to the USA and do a contrast case study of someone there to  show the difference ecause I feel people’s opinions of guns come from news in the USA about a serial killing or a mass shooting however this does not happen as often in the UK and to show how strict our gun laws are here. I wish that he was more confident speak so that a lot of his ‘erm’s and repeated sentecnes could be taken out so the interview could have been smoother and perhaps I could have put alittle bit more infroamtion in the video. I also wish that there were more photos of him when he started shooting just for reference to see how he has almost grown up around guns even if it was a cheap air rifle. I wish I could have got shots of him shooting a bird or clay pigeon but because of the potential of me being hit and the distance away from the camera the clays and birds are it was hard for me to get the clip.

I really didn’t think I would enjoy making a film but I really enjoyed it. It’s something I would definitely do again. I want to work with sections of society and work with them and photograph them, this was my first opportunity to do so. I keep thinking back to hearing someone say that when working for the Guardian and photographing for them, you need  to experience in photography and video. This makes me think it’s something that will boast my career path.

Overall for a first attempt of a 3-5minute video I am very happy with the outcome.


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