We were asked to do three things for Easter:

  • Make a working pinhole camera.
  • Research and collect a minimum of 10 interesting uses of light within photography/painting (or other areas you feel are appropriate)
  • Source and bring to the first class at 3-5 portable red objects for use in a still life set up

There are different kinds of lighting used in photography and video:

Backlit, front lit and side, harsh and soft light, spotlight, natural and artificial, flash, diffused along with light effects such as lens flare and shadows.


I like the use of backlighting in the first photo, I like how she looks like an angel like the water is the sky and the light is the sun. The light shine round her in a similar way holy people are depicted in paintings. The photo makes me feel quite calm.

In these photos there is harsh lighting shines on her face, which really highlights her eyes particularly because her eyes are outlined in black eyeliner. I think it works better with her looking at the camera and in black and white because I like the contrast of the dark dress and necklace with the bright white light hitting her skin and hair. I think her eyes looking at  the camera is more powerful.


This lighting is like a spotlight, I like how the flowers and shards are all exposed well which means you don’t miss any part of small piece in the air. The image is really strong because of the strong almost spotlight-like light, which for some reason makes me quite scared.

This image was a candid image that the photographer saw the sunlight hitting the woman’s face in a spotlight style and quickly took the photo. I like how the light is so strong that the view is automatically looks at her. I like how the sun catches her hair as well. The photo reminds me of being with friends, because you can see it was a candid shot so it makes me feel happy.


This image is by Sally Mann, it of her husband in a series called Proud Flesh. I really like the whole series but this one for me is really striking. Mann’s husband as a disorder that affects the muscles, I like how the light captures the muscles on his legs, nothing else in the picture is highlighted. It’s such a powerful image because you can see how much it affects him.  As the light falls on the knees which are bent like they can’t hold his body weight. It is powerful, yet sad as you can almost feel the pain, from a photograph of a section of a human body.


I like the lighting in the video of rotting fruit because I like how it remains a constant soft light. But also how he has managed to make the lighting look like a still life painting, so that you could pause the film at any moment and it would have the same level of exposure but also it would look like a painting because of the lighting. This constant soft lighting with the decaying fruit is a sort of reminder that death and decay is a constant thing, which is a depressing yet realistic thought.


I really like portraits where the lighting is even throughout the photo. This photo is an example of it. I like that she is propping her head up showing how proud she is of herself, which is reflect in the light, if it was darker it would suggest she might be ashamed of her self. The photo itself makes me smile because she is so proud.


Another style of light in photography that I particularly like is light shining through trees in forests. When the light is very soft and there are beams of light shining through the leaves. I think it looks magical or dream-like because of the dark trunks of the trees with the contrast of soft lighting. It’s a very calming photo because of the soft lighting.

I adore shadows on bodies. I love how the shadows mimic her strong jaw line, but the angles are reversed to her jaw line. I like how the light catches her eye which gives another layer of strength besides the strong lines. I think the lines are interesting and how the fall on a non-flat surface.


I really like how the dark skin is lightened by the strong side light, it’s such a contrast almost a silhouette on one side and over exposed on the other half of his face. I also like how he himself is really dark and the background  is really light. I really like the contrast in the image but even though it is so high in contrast it is very soft in tones.


I really like the effects of lens flare in photography I think it’s interesting the patterns that are made and the colours created. I like how in this photo the lens flare brings all the colours in the photo together. I really like the bokeh in the background. The photo makes me smile because of the nice colours in it.


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