152 Working With Light

  • We will be using previsulisation skills (ability to anticipate an image before you take it.
  • Working in studio and on location. 
  • There will be a marking criteria on moodle – we need to keep referring to it!
  • Studios are booked on Tuesdays and Fridays, we need to book out lighting though.

Jeff Wall – A sudden gust of wind 1993, made up of 50 images based on Katsushika Hakusai – Ejiri in Surga Province. All the paper was computer generated and people put in place. He is quoted in saying “I begin by not photographing”. He sees something but doesn’t photograph it but will recreate it, like Tattoos and Shadows 2000. 

Gregory Crewdson is another example of a photographer who pre visualises every photo he takes. 


Task 1 – 

To create an instruction manual for someone just about to start module 152. 

There is a forum on moodle to discuss what is a helpful manual and what is not. 



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