Always make good sketches and notes when during shoot.

Light diagram creator 

We watched SHOWstduio: Nick Knight, Karlie Kloss, Kate Phelan for Topshop

The section I particularly like is 2.02-06Image

I love strobe effects, how there is a fluid movement but it seems jerky to the eye. It is something I would like to work with.

Philip Lorca Dicorai

The character looks scary in red (he used male prostitutes)

To get different colours you can:

  • change the white balance (Kelvin Scale)
  • Colour gels over flash

Chrystel Lebas

‘Blue is obscurity becoming visible’

She did panoramic photos of the time between night and day.

Andres Serrano: series ‘Submersed’

‘Pissed Christ’

Photographed submersed in his bodily fluid, he didn’t want it to insult religion

With light comes shadow

Tim and Sue

Used rubbish to cast shadows.

Henry Peach Robinson 1858 ‘Fading Away’

He did 5 exposures of the same shot but with different lighting so he could pick and choose what looked better.

There are three different types of lighting:

  • Natural (sunlight)
  • Artificial (lighting in studio)
  • Blended (both)

We then used the dark room, I tested out my pinhole camera:


  1. My first photograph worked well, I used each hole to create a panorama, but there was a strange blur.
  2. So I tried to take a few more photos, but they came out grey with a strange blur.
  3. I then managed to make an exposure with only one hole
  4. I tried to make one with two holes which worked with a little blur.
  5. I then made this print into a positive version.

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