Pinhole Attempts:

I tried to make some images in my kitchen of which all turned out white, so I am going to try again with longer exposure times.

After trying longer exposure times a majority still turned out white, but one was very blurry like it had been moved during the exposure, which I imagine it might have been seeing as the exposure was over 5 hours.

I then bought a make your own pinhole camera kit but it didn’t seem to work either.

So I made some can pinholes. I did some tests of:

  • 5 minute exposure
  • 10 minutes
  • 15minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1.5 hours

The five minute exposure was the best exposed, and because I made the cans all the same way I knew they all could be used for 5 minutes.


All my prints:

I am looking at doing three scenes for my final project.

Someone cooking, people talking and someone washing up. I want to show the different reasons we use the kitchen.

I am also thinking about making the people white so to dodge them, because then it really enhances the idea of ghosting in photos with long exposures. I have also decided to scan my negatives in and print them, this is so I don’t get scratches on my positives from the glass. I have also decided to print the photos small to still get a sense of pinhole photos.


Mark Tweedie: uses pinhole photography sometimes makes his own cameras. He believes the long exposures can give the images “with a powerful sense of narrative”. In his self portraits album I prefer the photos where you can’t see much detail in him is what I would prefer in my photographs as it won’t give this idea of movement and temporary state

This photo I found on Flickr I like the stillness of the house compared to the people, which is something I want to replicate something similar in my photos. That there is stillness in the fixtures and fittings in the kitchen but there is this non-permanence in the photo because of the movement of the people in it.

I narrowed down the photos I took to these:

I wanted to keep a ghostly effect so dodge the white figures but it didn’t work:

pinhole 002

My final prints are:

pinhole 006 pinhole 007 copy pinhole001


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