Good and bad examples of manuals:

Good Examples:

This is an example of a polaroid instruction manual. Even though there is a lot of text it is broken up by photos and bars. It is also really detailed and I like the diagram at the start of the manual with the numbers relating to part of the camera.
This is purely text, so it engages people, I wouldn’t turn off from it as there is no text. As there is no text any person from any language can read it. You can also see exactly what you need to do, even though it is an easy task.
Bad examples:



This is an example where there is too much text on a page. There is two full columns of text with no gaps. I switch off and find it quite dull and don’t want to read it. Image



There is a lot of text and the text is very small so for those who need reading glasses they would struggle with this. Also the booklet is very small so could be quite hard to hold for the older generation. And because there is a lot of text it becomes quite dull.


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