Studio Lights:

Switch the main lights on (switch on the right hand side wall).

You can have the light constantly on for general light (the on/off switch is on the back of the light).

Once you have arranged you subject (model or object) you can switch off the main lights (make sure there is nothing on the floor to trip over, for example wires should be wrapped around something or taped down)

If you want your lights to sync up make sure the lights you want to sync make sure the ‘cell’ switch is on.

There is two ways to connect to the camera, either with a cable or a radio, whichever one you use you only need to connect to one light.

The stops and tenths control how bright your light is, you can measure it for your camera using a light meter. (if you dont want a shadow in your work, you have the back light at least a stop higher than your front light, add in two reflectors to block the light shining through to the camera and you get a a photo without a shadow).

There are a couple of different accessories you can put over a light:

  • soft box: makes the light less harsh and has no pareticular direction


  • Umbrella: do something similar to a softbox but reflect the light, so you point the light away from the subject and the light bounces back


  • snoot: very direct light and very harsh (like a spotlight)DSC_3572
  • honey comb: directs the light too but makes the light less harsh.


  • beauty ring creates light halfway between a softbox and umbrella it is harder than a softbox but softer than an umbrella

You can use reflectors to bounce your light around:

  • white reflectors will reflect the light with no tone 
  • gold will give a warmer tone to the photo
  • silver will give a cooler tone

Using a white reflector:

The diagram lighting-diagram-1368270989

IMG_7129 IMG_7130 IMG_7131


The first picture the reflector is vertical to Becky.

The second picture the bottom of the reflector is diagonal and the bottom is a her knees.

The third the reflector has been scrunched up.


DSC_3539 DSC_3540


Black colours adsorb light.


DSC_3541 DSC_3542


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