People and their objects:

Foster Huntington wondered what would he take if his house was burning down, he collected the objects and photographed them, he then got numerous responses. He then drove up and down the West Coast of the USA in search of those who he wouldn’t come in contact with in the blogging world, now this project as reached each continent. Some of the people’s objects are showcased on brainpickings.org the whole collection can be seen in the book “The Burning House”. This is quite similar to my project because you get a sense of who they are a person without seeing any photo of them. However, my project will have photos of the person but I still want a sense of who they are from just seeing the photo of them. I like that you can see all the items well laid out. His latest project is travelling around in a camper van after leaving a job in New York, he documents “some of my [his] stories and photos” on his website (quoted earlier) and his twitter @fosterhunting. Perhaps this shows the type of person he is that he doesn’t like the business of New York or being stuck somewhere and he want freedom, which is why he started travelling.

Gabriele Galimbertio is an Italian photographer, who has a particular interest ing travel and documentary photography. This is shown in his project “Toy Stories” where he travelled around the world finding with their toys. He looks at this idea of being something we all go through, being a child, but each have different experiences. He was quoted in saying “at their age, they are pretty all much the same; they just want to play.” But the difference lies in what they play with, and how they treat their toys. This project simply looks at someone with something(s), which is similar to my project where I focus on one person (a flatmate) or in his case children, and his favourite objects. I prefer the photos in the child’s room as you can see more of their personality, like the colour of the walls (in cases of first world children) or just more about the life they lead. If you just isolated the toys with no background of the person (like seeing their room) you could think that some of the toys that the third world children have are actually first world, which is why I would rather of photographed my flatmate back at his home as you could see more of his personality, for example the colour of his room, what is in his room. However, due to time restraints we could not so I have photographed him in his room in halls, and I still feel you get some personality through like what is on his desk.

Michael Warren likes to photograph people and their environments. His bio on his website states that he is “respectfully curious about how other people live” and when photographing them he likes to engage with them “in a way that puts them at ease” which should hopefully give “an honest representation of their individual experience”. One of his projects “Somebodies” really enhances that idea, this project is about people’s favourite possessions or something that has some form of significance to them. There are two photographs one of the person or people and the other of the object(s) but before you see the object or the person you see an explanation to why they like them . The photos are in a diptych style with the person or people on the left and the object(s) on the right. For example:

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 18.45.51 Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 18.45.56

I like the idea that you have an idea of the person before you see what they look like. However, in my project there is no text. I don’t really want anything to describe the person or explain anything about them and their object, I just want other’s to see the project and make their own mind up about my flatmate from the photos I take.

I am not entirely sure how I want to display the person’s objects: one way I am looking at showing the my friend’s objects is in the studio using the infinity curve. This is so I can show off the object clearly, although a viewer wouldn’t get a full sense of who my friend is as the photos aren’t in an environment that is natural. Adam and Sarah are a product photography company based in the West Midlands. I like the photos as they are well lit and clear. This is what I hope to happen when I take the photos, whether I use them in the task or not.

Stuart Rowen is a commercial photographer he works a lot in the studio, some of the work is based on product photography. I like his work as the product is still clear but the background is a bit more interesting, for example the objects are on location more ( http://www.rowenphotography.co.uk/products/shot-gun-on-location/ )  which I think gives a better effect almost like you can see the object in it’s natural environment. So if the studio doesn’t look effective I will try light the objects in his room.

Michael Jones does a lot of different kinds of photography; fashion, product and portrait. I like his product photography because he uses interesting lighting in and outside of the studio, I like that the lighting can be dark in some parts of the image but your eyes are still drawn to the advertised object. I don’t want have anything too distracting or use an object in the background that isn’t actually his or describes who he is so for example the photo of the bag and lobster you know that the bag is being advertised even though there is a lobster on the table. However, I feel if I did something similar (take the bag and the lobster) if my friend felt his bag described him yet I added a lobster to the picture too the viewer would think my friend also liked lobster. So, I want to give an accurate representation of him in the photos I take of his objects by using the objects we both feel represent him.

Studio portraits:

Michael Robert Williams is a portrait photographer. A lot of his work uses artificial lighting for example the first couple of photos in his portraits. In some ways this is similar to what I am doing photographing someone in a bedroom. I don’t want the lighting to be as harsh as the first image on his portraits section. Because the lighting is like a spotlight. I was the lighting to be quite soft because it gives a better impression of him, as harsher lighting might give a harsher impression of him. I also don’t want his bedroom to be as tidy as it is as you can’t see other bits and pieces that give an idea of his character.


IMG_0245 IMG_0246


My photos:

IMG_4797 IMG_4885 IMG_4916 IMG_5087 IMG_5096


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