There are two parts to this task the first is to revisit the Easter homework and see if are understanding of light has changed.

Before this module I had an instinctive idea of what would look good yet this module had harnessed that and made me think more about what I am photographing and how it will look.

My understanding of lighting has changed because I now can look at a photo and see what kind of light they have used and where they have used it. For example: I can see for the video of the rotting fruit that he probably used a softbox as lighting as a constant soft light. This is why the lighting is there throughout day and night. He probably treated the video as photo to create this constant light throughout the video. It is possible that  breaking flowers was used with a snoot or a more direct light as the background is dark and the lighting is so harsh on the flowers. This would be because the photograph is so dramatic he would want dramatic lighting to enhance this effect.

Other equipment maybe used when taking a photo such as a light meter. For example: with a lot of the photos I analysed, natural light was used. However, I can still tell that they used a light meter so that the photos were well exposed. The only one I know that definitely didn’t use a light meter is this photo as it was a candid shot. They wouldn’t have used a light meter because there would not have been enough time as the moment for the photograph would have passed.

The second part of the task is to critically reflect on how my practice had developed during the module. One major thing that has changed is how much I take photos. I think I have learned to take a step back when doing a photo shoot with someone and try to previsualise more. The purpose of this is to see what photos I have and perhaps talk to the model more. This is to narrow down the photos I take on a photo shoot, so when I edit them I have an easier job.

The module has taught me to think more about my lighting, and the effect it will give. Do I want something that is like a spotlight, which would give an isolated feel or do I want something soft and to shows off more of the person? This all depends on the mood and theme of the photo shoot, if the mood is quite sad I might one a more isolating feel from my lighting I was thinking to help me use a film camera and only take one roll of film to make sure I get the shots I want and to really think about what I am taking photographs of. This is because I would only have a certain amount of photos to be able to take and you cannot see the photos you when you are taking them.

I have found out how persistent I am to get photographs. When doing pinhole photography and the photographs weren’t working I kept going on. For example, I bought new cameras and I tried to make my own. This made my quite proud that I really will try everything to create a photo.

This experience has changed my practice because I didn’t analyse my practice prior to taking the module. This learning has helped develop my practice by allowing me to think about how I should photograph a subject before I do it.


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