Dear Past Me,


So far it seems I have past this first year, but yes I have definitely have enjoyed this first year. I have gained experience with new equipment but also working with other people.


I have particularly enjoyed using the Canon 5D Mark II and using video, something I never thought I would like. I am hoping to do more of in the future, I am doing some music videos for Olly and also helping the rugby team with a promotional video.  I have used my Diana camera and tried some different types of photography like long exposures and  a bit of documentary. I have had a bit more experience with artificial lighting; something I am hoping will lift my portraits and give me more confidence to use the studio.


Even though you hoped you were going to go into gigs and take photos I am now working with Art’s In Leicester so I am gaining more experience in the gig photography world, although there was an opportunity for you to work with the O2 in Leicester, this for now, does not look likely. I tried to introduce myself to the music department although I got no reply but I did introduce myself to the fashion department, so all the fashion students have my contact details. I have taken every opportunity that has come my way unfortunately not many have actually worked out. Nevertheless, I will keep persisting and hope something comes my way.


My writing is improving (I hope) I have had a couple of appointments at the Centre for Academic Writing within the university, perhaps next year I will use it some more.  I have read some more books, been to some galleries and worked with people I wouldn’t of expected to.  I want to keep on improving more than ever, I just hope it works out for me someday.


I have enjoyed my time in halls, besides a few quarrels this year has been great in that respect. I am hoping to meet up with a few of the friends I have made in summer and stay in contact with them for as long as they want to. I am proud of my money saving, perhaps I am too frugal. But I think it’s better to be too frugal and have to spend more than to cut down!


I hope I have made you proud.


Love from the person you became,




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