‘My Ex’ is a revenge movie, about a man who gives empty promises to many women, one of which gets their revenge. Their revenge is to be the reason behind many deaths of people around the main character Ken.

The majority of the movie was dull. With only the last twenty minutes having some excitement. There was a constant repetition of this idea that characters saw things in dreams, which startled them awake. This was one of the reasons the movie was quite dull and seem to drag on. One reviw on IMBD said “the constant “waking up” that plagued the initial scenes”.

The characters were not introduced well enough for the viewer to be able to relate to them. You didn’t really find out much about them, because I read a synopsis before the film I understood who he was. The characters themselves, especially Ken, were not relatable enough. How many of the viewers of this film would be movie stars with the ability to have as many partners as he wanted? My guess isn’t many. This meant the idea that this could happen to you was lost. Therefore, the main way to scare someone is lost, hence why a lot of popular horrors and thrillers are set at home, because a viewer relates to the film and there is a feeling of this could be me.

Drama and tension was attempted to be made with fill in shots, such as flowers in lighting However, I repeatedly found myself being distracted because the storyline was not at all gripping. The final twenty minutes where you see how ‘Meen’ (the reason behind the killings) commits suicide, but it is just unnecessary gore especially where you see the fetus of her unborn child.  CUEAFS review states “sometimes directors can overstep the line between gore and downright bad taste”. This was almost past bad taste too.

Every death scene a white flower was shown, at the end their was a vague explanation of the tree the flower is from used to be called ‘Meen’. This should not have to be explained at the end. If there was a scene at the start that told the viewer about this flower. Perhaps Ken giving Meen the flower and saying ‘Meen for my Meen’ or similar. This means when the viewer sees this flower at the end and they will realise that there was a connection to Meen and the deaths all along. Those kinds of connections in thrillers and horrors are something I really like.

All in all this movie was not a great success. Unless you are looking for a lengthy and dull movie, which has one horrific scene thrown in at the end.


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