Vulgaria was a huge disappointment for me. There is not much more I can say about it. It is classed as a comedy, which is a shame because I didn’t crack a smile let alone a laugh throughout the 90 minutes. This is not because I don’t like East Asian films, because I watch them in my spare time, I particularly like ‘Battle Royale’. Neither is it because I don’t like vulgar comedies because I watch such films as ‘Meet the Fockers’ or ‘The Hangover’. Although, my view doesn’t seem to be shared by many others.  One explanation comes from a review on Love HK Film, who say that the film is for people who “who understand the lingo, the in-jokes and what it means to be a culture geek”. I am not one of those people.

When thinking of the premise of the movie I think it is quite funny. For instance, the idea of remaking an adult movie with the same actress from the original, which was made thirty years ago, is quite a fresh idea. However, I just didn’t like the way it was carried out. I thought that the hint of bestiality was just too far. However, this could be another inside joke that I do not understand.

Many of the reviews I have read for this film paint a picture of a film that is laugh-a-minute that is crude but it a well presented way. One review on Film School Rejects says, “the crassness is all delivered via fast, funny and profane dialogue”.  I just didn’t feel that this film reflected it, I feel like I have watched a completely different movie to all these people. My expectations might have been made too high from the opening sequence warning those who might not be able to cope should leave, it’s almost a regret that I didn’t leave.

It’s a shame I didn’t enjoy this film given that I probably should what with enjoying both East Asian films and comedies. However, it is probably because I don’t know the references they are making.


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