I decided to take a photo of an extra curricular activity.

I wasn’t sure what to take photos of because I don’t do many extra curricular activities. It was a toss up between cooking and using my computer.

I like to cook it relaxes me and I like to try to recipes. When I am at home I like to bake. However, I have taken a lot of photos in the kitchen over this year so I thought I would go with my second option.

I use the computer for a lot of things. I like to read articles, get in contact with friends and family, edit photos and watch programs.

Originally I was going to use my diana camera’s pinhole camera using colour film. I wanted to use the light from the laptop and do a long exposure. I wanted to see the movements I make over the time I use the computer. I recently sent off my film with enough time to get them back but they haven’t arrived. So I am going to do digital versions.

I am really interested in the way people interact with objects around them and I like working with portraits. So I thought this would be a good task for me to do. 

I took some digital versions when creating the film. This is what I got:ImageImageImageImageImage

My favourite photo is the first one where you can see the movement. The second two are too static and the last two are too washed out. So, I will try to do some more to get my final piece.

I don’t like the photos of the laptop because it’s so distracting. I really like the ones with lots of movement and not my face isn’t completely blurred out.

This is why my final photo is:



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