When thinking of this task of ‘knowing someone’, I thought more about knowing them when taking a photo.


I took this photo of my friend, I take photos of him a lot so I know the way he moves in front of a camera. For instance he knows to hold a pose so I can get the right angle for the photo. So when taking his photos it is easier to plan the photo that I would like out of it. Additionally when I ask him to pose he can understand me. I approached the photo shoot just by looking at his outfit, I thought it looked slightly vintage feel so I wanted to reflect that from the angle Itook the photos and the poses I asked him to do.


I took a totally different approach to the person I didn’t know. This was her wedding day as she was waiting to go to the ceremony, so I didn’t have much time. I had only met her twice before. Therefore, unlike my friend I did not know how she would act in front of the camera, so would she hold her pose or smile if she knew the camera was facing her? Or would she be shy? So a lot of the photos I took of her were spontaneous with little direction, as I wanted them to be more natural. Whereas with my friend because we are both comfortable in each other’s company so even when asking him to pose it is more natural. I think shots that the person in it looking comfortable and natural can make a better photo.


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