The task from this year that I decided to redo was Task 3 from the module 152. I felt that the research I did was suitable but perhaps not contextualized to my project so I am going to correct that now. (My original project and research is here)

Foster Huntington took photos of objects that he would grab if there were a fire at his home. He laid the objects on the floor and took a photo from above the objects. This is not what I want to do when redoing this project I want to keep the objects in their ‘natural environment’. So my dad (who I am taking photos of) decided his books are one of his favorite objects. I asked him to choose one specific book which I decided to photograph it where I normally see it, on the bookshelf and I also photographed it on his bedside. This means you can get more of an idea of the environment my dad lives in. So perhaps in the photo you could see the other books he reads. mIn the way that Gabriele Galimbertio took photos of children with their toys in a series called ‘Toy Stories’. Like I said in my original research that I prefer the photos in the child’s room as you can get a bigger sense of whom the child is. Even just on a basic level that you can see they’re from a richer background or maybe even in poverty because of the way their bedroom looks. Or from the way they stand, there is one girl who is not really posing but has her hand on her back, which indicates she could be quite shy. Whereas there is a young boy who is standing very tall, on his windowsill and posing with his arms crossed, this may indicate he is quite a confident child. Therefore Michael Warren’s photos are completely different to what I want to do as the photos are taken in the studio, which is out the object’s environment. Also I don’t want to include text as I want the photos to tell the story.

When thinking of my dad I always think of him on the computer, so I want to do one portrait of him in front of the computer, so I want to take the photo at night, which is usually when he is on the computer so the only light is from the computer screen. The other portrait is in the garden, which is one of his favourite places and keeps him relaxed. I’ve let him think about the objects so they are up to him so the viewer can get more of a sense of who he is.


The photos:


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