This is a module you have to run yourself. But it gives you the chance to try things out.

There are ways to help you: IEMS/Erasmus.

You can log the work you do on your blog (link to follow)

It is 20 days as a minimum.



1: Deadline 07.01.2014 – 1500 words explaining :

  • What you want to do.
  • How it will fit.
  • How you will and have prepared.

2. Deadline 14.05.2014 you will have to present them:

  • Summary of what you have learnt.
  • How you will apply what you learnt.
  • Present as a 5 minute video.
  • Reflection

Creative Futures: 

Anything to do with:

  • CVs
  • Cover letters
  • Support with placements
  • Setting up own business.


  • There’s a handbook on moodle to help.
  • Once you have a placement talk to tutors.
  • There’s an online WP01 form.
  • Then you need to do a risk assessment with tutor.
  • Once placement is complete fill out an evaluation form.

Health and Safety

  • Need to think of potential risks.
  • Where will you be? Will there be diseases etc there?
  • What will be at the place?
  • How can things harm you?


  • Section 1 & 3 are about being within the UK.
  • Section 2 is outside the UK

SWOT Analysis 

  • Stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are more to do with internal or your personality.
  • Opportunities and threats are to do with external problems.
  • Strengths and opportunities are positives
  • Weaknesses and threats or negatives
  • Before the placement starts you need to make sure the negatives becomes positives.

We designed the a SWOT analysis for this module:


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