Site Specific Task:

These are examples of photographers who’s project is on a specific site:

On This Site, Joel Sternfeld.

This photobook shows everyday sites but each site violent acts have been committed. The book has text in to explain what happened in each spot.


Joubert Park, Terry Kurgan

This is a park where photographers take photos of tourists so Kurgan turned the camera back on them.


The Maze, Donovan Wylie

These are photos taken in a prison in Northern Ireland where freedom fighters and terrorists came during the troubles.

He took each photo in a similar way, all the rooms where taken from the same angle and the parameters of the prison were taken in the same way.


City In The Mind, Peter Fraser

Fraser was inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities. Fraser’s work is still life’s of objects aiming to create a new world.


The Return of the Native, Suky Best

These are videos and films where creatures are reintroduced them to the native area by adding a digital version of the species into a shot of the areas. Shot in Battersea Park.


Cardiff After Dark, Maciej Dakowicz

Shot on one street in Cardiff, St Mary’s Street, which has many nightclubs and bars. Once the clubs shut for the night. Dakowicz documented everything that happened. No one posed.


Esperantis, Patrick Shanahan

Photographed landscapes that are recognisable along the Spanish and Portuguese coast, but he manages to photograph them in an unrecognisable way.


Stories From Russia, Melanie Manchot

Made over 18 months in Moscow, the photos explores Russia’s history has remained in memories. The photos and videos are performative. All the people she got were the general public in the area.


Imported Landscape, Corrine Silva

This piece looks at the similaties and differences between Spain and Northern Africa. Silva put up billboards of North Africa in Spain. They are used as reminders than actions lead to an effect. But also creates a space to think.


From the Freud Museum, Susan Hiller

These are objects taken out of context, they are objects in boxes. She was inspired by this because of what she saw in the Freud museum, as he had collected many items she wanted to do that herself.

It Took Strength To Tackle Those Hills, Tristan Hutchinson

This is a project focusing on a community which is going through certain social and economic changes. It looks at how the landscape has changed because of these changes as once it was an industrial town and now it is not


Flats Memories Perception Realities, Jeanette Lowe

She photographed inhabitants of flats and then exhibited in the flats.


Ourselves Alone, Susanne Bosch 

She took photos and physically cut out something that’s not native to Ireland.


Janet Cardiff and George Miller

This was in a train station in Germany as part of an event. Those taking part received headphones and an iPod then were told where to go. The headphones gave them instructions and they followed the video on the iPod and tried to mimic the movements.


M’as-Tu Vue, Sophie Calle

This project is is where Calle followed strangers to see where they would go, she photographed it as she did so. She wanted to reacquaint herself with Paris after not being there for so long. Until one day she followed one man for a long time until she lost him, that day she happened to find him again and her her was going to Venice. So she went there to find him still and took photos as she did so. Losing him and finding him over the course of time she was there.


An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar,Taryn Simon 

This is a collection of things that are out of the way for the everyday person for example she took photos of a Nuclear Waste storage facility, a cryonic institute and a braille edition of playboy.


Research Beyond Google

This could be books as some aren’t on google or you cannot search them on google.

You could go to the local archive, in Coventry it is in the Herbert Art Gallery.

Google Scholar is a more academic search.

Cov Uni Library’s Locate service

Lexis Library (where you can search through all press articles)

Art Full Text.


We had to use these sites to help us gather information about the Birmingham city library. 2013-10-07 12.26.52 2013-10-07 12.26.54 2013-10-07 12.26.46


Introduction Into Essay Writing

Need to introduce essay well.

Analyse the title, perhaps rewrite it in your own words. Think: what do I know about the subject?

Gather information: Always cite where it has come from.


Beginning: layout a summary: what you will discuss 200/300 words

Middle: layout your argument – back up. Only make about three points of 500 words each with one example.

End: Rounds off. Refer back to the question. Summarise your points. 200/300 words.


Look at the module reading list, is there anything of use to you?

Make notes and highlight.

Contextualise to your question.

Where the idea has come from someone.

How to quote:



I agree/disagree with “Quote” as seen in reference.

x says/proposes/claims/discusses/suggests are all good starters to points.

Talk through with friends how you’ll approach things.

Think about the overall point, what are your three points going to be?

Think of good linking words.


  • It’s not what you think
  • Make comments and evaluate
  • Evidence and arguments from sources
  • Don’t generalise
  • What will support your points?
  • Don’t just describe
  • It can be 10% above or below 2000 words
  • Assume the reader knows nothing
  • Get all your ideas out first
  • Explain everything
  • No words ending in ‘ly’ – it’s not academic
  • Proof read constantly.
  • Check references are correct.


We then practiced planning for a essay with the title: Should Edward Snowdon Go To Prison?




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