We watched a documentary on Rankin and the lead up to his exhibition titled Alive In The Face of Death. Rankin is famous for his fashion photos, advertising campaigns and portfolios. His project explored death, the exhibition was mainly of portraits of people who were suffering serious illnesses such as cancer. The video followed him as he met some of the people he photographed and connected with. He interview some of them and tried to understand the person for example one was very in touch with her emotions so he photographed her crying. Or another he saw as a warrior so he photographed her in such a way to remind someone of a warrior. 

Afterward we discussed the video, particuarly if it was similar to other projects on death like The Dad Project Briony Campbell. I didn’t think there was as she didn’t dress up death she showed this raw emotion that surrounds death. Whereas Rankin glamourised the portraits. 


We discussed the text about Gazes in photography, which is different perspectives of how one can view a photo. So academically or reflective. It all depends on where you have come from. 



Demonstrates the integrity of your writing and acknowledges other’s work. Referencing will support your argument and shows you understand what you are talking about.

Only reference if it helped your argument or changed how you think.

Different publications use different referencing styles, Coventry university use Coventry University Harvard Referencing. 

To Reference:

  • Authors Name
  • Title of book and/or book chapter
  • Date of publication in brackets
  • Publisher’s location 
  • Page number of any quotes

Eg Ritchen, F. (2009) Chapter 1 Into The DigitalAfter Photography




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